Royal Nomad Partners with Baby2Baby to help provide low-income children 0-12 years
with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves
50% of all proceeds will go to Baby2Baby

1in Diamond Diaper Pin

1″ Diamond Diaper Pin with Chain

1.5in Diamond Diaper Pin

1.5″ Diamond Diaper Pin with Chain

2in Diamond Diaper Pin

2″ Diamond Diaper Pin with Chain

Dear friends,
Imagine having to choose between giving your baby diapers or food. Sadly, an alarming 1 out of 3 moms in our country has had to do just this. It’s a choice that no mother should have to make and no baby should have to endure.

Small children cannot speak up for proper care, nutrition and hygiene, so caring adults must be their voice, and we’re calling on all women, moms, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, friends and anyone who cares about kids to join us in spreading awareness about Baby2Baby in a fun way. Simply wear our diamond diaper pin to show your support for efforts to ensure that all children receive proper basic care, and post your “Diaper Pin Selfie” on social media to raise awareness. In return, we will donate 50% of all proceeds from our diaper pin sales to Baby2Baby.

Baby2Baby provides low-income children ages 0-12 years with diapers, clothing and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. This year Baby2Baby is serving more than 125,000 children by distributing to non-profit partner organizations including homeless and domestic violence shelters, Head Start programs and children’s hospitals.To serve more low-income children, in 2015 the “Baby2Baby National Network” was launched, bringing together 21 inaugural organizations who distribute basic necessities to children in 20 cities across the United States.

This is fantastic progress, but there is much more to do and many more kids in need. So for them we need to make our voices louder and our group of advocates larger to reach a bigger audience and help more kids. Therefore, our Royal Nomad team is asking for your help. For children in need, please consider proudly wearing our diamond diaper pin to generate awareness and conversation about this important issue, and post your “Diaper Pin Selfie” on your social media platform(s) to spread awareness even further. Please tag @royalnomad and @baby2baby for your friends to get involved in this movement. Let us join forces and make our world a better place by supporting the less fortunate among us. As Nelson Mandala stated, “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”

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